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Software architect with over 15 years of software development and 7 years experience in architecting, designing, and developing high-volume web applications. Built an R&D organization from the ground up, creating software that is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies. As an experienced entrepreneur, I know how to accomplish a lot with limited resources and can do just about everything required for a startup, small company, or large team.

Professional Experience

Signals Ready (self-employed) 2008 - Present Consultant

I am currently a software consultant specializing in Ruby/Rails and Java web applications. My recent clients include Prista, an Austin startup creating a Rails 3 application to track hospital performance metrics, where I am acting as CTO; Dwellgo - an Austin real estate startup that uses Rails; Blue Sky, my former company (see below); tr-Apps, a mobile web application for the commercial real estate industry; and APG, an Austin-based consulting firm. My responsibilities range from pure coding to design, architecture, devops, and system administration.

In 2011-2012, I created tr-Apps Rate Monitor, a white-label, mobile tool for the commercial real estate industry.

In February of 2009, I wrote and released the first version of TweepDiff - an application to allow Twitter users to compare friends/followers, written in Ruby, using Sinatra and Haml.

In March of 2009, I built SlideJam - a product that allows you to build PowerPoint presentations by uploading existing presentations and mixing and matching the slides.

Blue Sky Technologies 2004 - 2008 Co-founder and CTO

I started Blue Sky Technologies with 2 former co-workers in 2004 and the company grew to 6 full-time and part-time employees. I was the CTO, doing most of the R&D, but also IT, online marketing, pre-sales, and project management. Blue Sky created a Java web application to allow retail companies to have visibility into their supply chain processes and inventory levels. This application was sold to several Fortune 500 companies including Whole Foods, Ahold, and Staples. I was responsible for the architecture, design, and development. The application uses AJAX (HTML, CSS, Prototype) on the front-end, with a Java back-end and Hibernate for the persistence layer. It is database agnostic and certified against MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and Informix.

Recently I prototyped a driver tracking application that uses a Ruby/Rails backend, a Flex front-end, Google Maps, and a reverse-geocoding library to track drivers speeds and other incidents to increase fuel efficiency and safety.

Blockbuster 02/2004 - 08/2005 Software Architect

In February of 2004, I took a short contract with Accenture to build the Blockbuster Online website. I was one of a team of 100+ developers originally, but my contract was extended because I had become critical to the success of the project. When Accenture turned the site over, Blockbuster hired me to be the technical architect for the site. I was the technical lead for a team of 30+ developers (including off-shore) and coded some of the most challenging enhancements, including the merchandising integration that determines which movies to show each time a user hits a page. I spent a good portion of my time on performance monitoring, tuning, and stabilizing the site.

SSA Global (acquired by Infor) 03/1996 - 02/2004 Software Architect

I started out at Dallas Systems in 1996 as a custom development programmer. The company was later merged into EXE Technologies and then acquired by SSA Global. I joined the DBA group in 1997 and the Advanced Technology Group later that year. I become the technical lead and primary developer for Optimize, a warehouse location optimization application written in C++ with heavy AutoCAD integration. I later became the architect and tech lead for a project to convert the company's main legacy product to a Java web-based application.


These are technologies in which I have real hands-on experience. I could list many more libraries and tools that I have prototyped, tested, or know I could learn or re-learn, but this list represents the core of my knowledge.


Texas A&M University, B.S. Computer Science, 1990


Available upon request